Wig Care

Human Hair Wig Care

Caution! Do not use HOT styling tools. They can cause damage to the cuticle on the hair shaft resulfting in tangles, loss of shine and a dry look.

  • 1. Before wetting or washing, please use a sculpting brush to brush from ends to the roots, section by section.

  • 2. Use lukewarm or cold water. Wet the hair carefully, starting at it's base and continue to the end.

  • 3. Place a small amount of recommended shampoo into palm of hand. Genlty press shampoo into hair in a downward motion, starting at base and working to the ends. Rinse with running water. Squeeze out excessive water. DO NOT BRUSH, COMB, OR RUB IN CIRCULAR MOTION.

  • 4. Please some conditioner into palm and proceed to gently press shampoo into hair in downward motion staying up to within 2 inches from root area.

  • 5. Final rinse hold hair piece under running water until all product is rinsed.

  • 6. Blot dry with towel. Apply leave in condition to ends and up to within 2 inches of the root. Lighty brush end to roots. Place on form and let air dry. Natural air drying is the best for the life of hair piece. For a natural effect to the hair line it is best if you dry the front top up side down for the natural lift effect.

  • Heated styling tools maybe used on a medium setting. A thermal protection spray is always preferred for the protection of your hair.

Synthetic Hair Wig Care

  • 1. Never use anything hot around your wig, such as curling irons, electric rollers, blow dryer and even hot water. Use caution when cooking and opening an oven door. This could melt the fibers and cause a fuzzy appearance, which is irreversible!

  • 2.The best styling tool is your fingers or a lift for the natural look. Use a spray bottle with water to mist the hair and move it to where you want it. If needed, use a bit of gel or hair spray. No need to use the gel or spray again until you wash the wig.

  • 3. When cleaning your new wig, fill the sink with 3 to 4-inches of COLD water. Add 1 cap of synthetic wig cleaner and swish it around. Place the wig in the water, inside out. Push the water through the wig several times. Remove the wig, rinse thoroughly with cold water, and repeat the same actions with a synthetic wig conditioner. Rinse and blot excess water from the wig. To add life to your new wig, spritz with a lusterizer. The less you clean, the longer your wig will last. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning once every 3 months.